About little-known attributes are used to control browser when filling out forms

There are several attributes to control the behavior of the browser when filling out forms. Unfortunately, it so happened that they are not well known and hardly used. Although these attributes can be set on almost all elements, they will work only with form fields (<input>, <textarea>), and the editable elements. (with the contenteditable attribute set).

##The spellcheck attribute.

Some browsers try to fill the gaps in knowledge of the spelling of the user, checking the spelling of text entered. The obvious problem with this service is that not all of the text consists of these words, and painting wavy red underlines can very quickly begin to act on the user’s nerves. So the browser did not check the spelling of text in the box, set the spellcheck attribute to false, for a Pro- Verka is true. (Default different browsers act differently regarding spell checking, and setting the spellcheck attribute leads to uniform behavior.)

##Attribute autocomplete.

Some browsers try to save user’s time make when entering information in the field values that were entered in this field previously. This behavior is not always desirable — as indicated in the HTML5 specification, certain information may be confidential or to be relevant only for a short time (e.g., one-time password login banking self-service system). For these fields set the value of the autocomplete attribute to off so that the browser did not offer possible options for completing the input in the text box. And in order to implement autocomplete for a specific field, set the value of the autocomplete attribute to on.

##Attributes autocorrect and autocapitalize.

These attributes are used for management features automatic correction and capitalization on nonwhich mobile browsers, namely Safari for iPad and iPhone.

##Attribute multiple.

Web developers used the multiple attribute with the <select> element to create lists with multiple choice since time immemorial. But now they can use this attribute with certain types of <input> element, including the already known type file (for uploading files), this option is available for type email. In a browsers that supports this attribute, the user can insert miltiple email addresses in one field.